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Defamation & Reputation Defense

Your good name is your trademark and your trademark is critical to your success, whether personally or professionally. Attacks on your reputation, whether by traditional written or spoken means or broadcast via the internet can have devastating effects on your emotional well being or financial health or the success of your business. As anyone who has successfully responded to defamation of character, libel, slander, or any combination thereof, it is important to have a strong advocate.

We come to expect great personal freedoms in our society, including the freedom of speech. However, when free speech is used as a tool to damage competitors or other individuals or businesses by the broadcasting of false or invasive statements, those protected freedoms are balanced by our right to be protected from improper damage by others.

Darrin Rosha of the Rosha Legal Group has established himself as an effective defamation attorney in Minnesota and as a vigorous advocate for the rights of those who have been damaged by false attacks as shown in the landmark case Pham v. Do, et al.